Human Making and the Months that Followed…

I’m back! I know I’ve said that before but this time I mean it. 😉

To say that life has been crazy would be an understatement. Let’s rewind back to May 31st, 2016.

It was 3:00am and I woke up from a deep sleep to use the bathroom. Something was wrong. I thought I had pee’d myself! 😳

My water had broke! I woke up my husband, Jake, and off to the hospital we went! When we arrived they said I was 9 cm dilated. At 4:51am we welcomed Jackson Stone into the world.

Jackson and I struggled with nursing a lot. Mostly, I believe that he had a tongue tie that we never revised and a bad latch. You see- I have implants. While implants are a wonderful thing- they are not so great when trying to nurse. I’ll get into this more in another blog post. I had never nursed any of my other children before but was, and am, determined to nurse baby Jackson. We are also using cloth diapers this time around. Basically, I feel like a first time mom again because we are doing everything so different. Eventually, after around four months, Jackson and I got the hang of nursing. He’s now so addicted to the boob that he is known as our little food-hater. He hates all solids-granted we just started solids this months, on New Years Day to be exact.


The next 8 months have just flown by. We’ve had plenty of firsts, holidays, school starting, a couple trips on an airplane, and even a road-trip. Life has been crazy.

















So here we are, in January. This month really has been Jackson’s month. He’s seven months old now. Aside from Connor turning 7, this has totally been Jackson’s month. In this month alone he has,

•sat up

•started solids (I’ll touch on how we cloth with solids in another post)

•stood up on his own

•cruised (stepped while holding onto a ledge)


•started water

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he started walking this month. 😂


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