I’m Baaaack!

Where have I been? Where have I been?

I’ve been right here! I’ve taken a blogging break. Life was so hectic last time I wrote. Jake and I were dead-set on moving to Florida (yay flip-flops and beaches!) but then we made the choice to stay a week before we were set to leave. You can imagine my frustration- to say the least.

We were blessed with a promotion which Jake could not turn down. That being said… it meant four more months of winter for me (woo hoo!).


Summer felt so long this year. It felt long and humid. I swear I could feel my face melt off at least ten times this summer. Our sweet and precious little home does NOT have air conditioning. Now, normally in Northern Colorado this wouldn’t kill you, but I feel like it almost killed me a couple of times this summer.

Let’s just say my kids basically lived in their underwear until almost September.

In August we went to visit family in Arizona and it ended up being a week without stress for me and fun for the kids. Jake’s mom was really to thank for everything because she was basically the best host ever.

Then School started and life was back to its normal chaotic self. I thought that maybe with two of our three boys gone that maybe I could finally manage a clean house… and I did, for no more than what felt like a few minutes. So we decided to start enforcing chores.

And what an idea that was!! My house does stay a little cleaner now and the kids have started respecting the clean a little more now that they are putting in some elbow grease.

In October we found out that we are expecting an addition to our family. We’ll be finding out what we are having next month and I just cannot wait to see if we’re going to stay a boy family or if we’ll be adding a little girl to the bunch!


We ended up taking this picture during our Thanksgiving visit to Arizona. It was really nice to have an outside Christmas picture without heavy coats.

I ordered this little ‘cupcake’ on Etsy from a little shop in Littleton, Colorado and loved the quality. The Top comes apart as a blanket-though we’ve never taken it apart. It was a gift for my husband’s parents to announce that we are expecting. It was beautiful!


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