My Food-Hater

Do you have a picky eater? My self-proclaimed food hater is an eight month old little boy. He hates everything food related that doesn’t come from his momma’s boob.

Everyone, meet Jackson; a happy happy little baby boy who, while he loves his momma, what he really loves is saying no to food.

While I haven’t mentioned it, I had a tooth extracted on Monday (ouch!!) and have been on a Jackson type of diet-minus the boob milk. Cool liquids and purees. I found this really neat recipe on my Yummly app and it’s delicious. It’s the, now, very famous (at least in my house), Mango Frosty.

Well I’m eating my delicious Mango frosty and my little Food-hater starts jumping in my arms for some of my frosty. Now before anyone freaks out- I am aware that honey is a big no-no for babies. I did, however, let him try my frosty. He hates food so I figured he would reject it like he does most everything else.


So I went ahead and made a Jackson, aka Food-Hater, safe version.

  • 1 cup Frozen Mangos
  • 1/4 or 1/8 cup coconut milk (consistency is up to you-Jackson is picky)
  • 1/2 Jar Strawberry Banana baby puree (jarred baby food

Blend all of the ingredients in food processor (we normally use a Ninja but I used his baby food maker-a mini food processor– for this one). Learn from my mistakes and know that in the tiny little baby food maker everything will splash and make a mess. While I do generally use this to make all of our baby food-I recommend using your blender or food processor.. even with this small of a batch (unless you don’t mind cleaning up the mess or prepare in advance for it). 

I can promise you that by tomorrow he will officially hate Mangos again and all else I give him.

​Do you have any food haters? How did you or are you turning your food hater into a food lover?



  • Jordan February 3, 2017 at 8:22 pm

    I have a 16 month old who is a picky eater as well! We didn’t have trouble weaning him from nursing at 12 months but I do have trouble getting him to eat things like chicken! We have to get his protein from eggs and beans! Thank God he likes those or I’d be panicking!

    • Thekitchensinkk February 3, 2017 at 9:06 pm

      My little one is 8 months old now and I’m really worried he’ll be hooked-on-boob for a good two years. I’m wanting to stop nursing around twelve months. Fingers crossed for an easy wean 🤞🏻. Toddlers are such picky eaters. I once met a toddler who would only eat avocados. 😆


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