I was nominated by Shea at Basically Baker to participate in the #RockingMotherhoodChallenge to write about the ten ways I’m #RockingMotherhood. Seems simple enough right? The perfectionist inside me hates these types of challenges. I always seem to go back and change my answers a good 15 times before I’m even a little happy with them.

How does someone even rock motherhood anyway? Here are the ten ways I feel like I’m doing alright;

  1. Bible Study and Daily Devotions. We’ve been doing bible study and daily devotions with our boys in the mornings (and sometimes afternoons) and I’ve noticed how important it is. They are better little people because of this. It’s like a daily reminder to check your heart. The fact that we’ve stayed on top of this makes me feel like I am for sure rocking motherhood.
  2. I just have to ask my kids to clean their room once. This one was a hard one but where finally here! 🙌🏻
  3. I’ve taught my kids to do their own laundry. This one here deserves a cookie in itself!!! Less of that never-ending devil we call Laundry.
  4. I’ve learned to let go when it comes to the idea of a clean house and just play. As a perfectionist and former clean freak, letting go has taken years but I can honestly say that I am now enjoying my children instead of stressing them (and they are enjoying me too!).
  5. I love my husband. I know this is supposed to be about momming but as a mom of four boys, showing their dad how much I love him and treating him with love and respect has shown a change in my children as well as my husband. I’ve learned to let go of the small stuff. I’ve learned that as these boys grow, they are learning how to be good husbands and how to expect their wives to treat them. In return, my husband has started to shine.
  6. Manners. Watching my boys show kindness, forgiveness, and manners in general really makes me feel like I’ve got a chance. Some days just feel so hopeless. Seeing the boys behave really warms my heart.
  7. When my kids play together~nicely. Emphases on the word ‘nicely’. When they are actually getting along and acting like human beings instead of rabid animals, I feel like were making progress. I feel like maybe, just maybe, I’m doing something right.
  8. Getting a MiniVan. Getting a minivan has been a total game changer for us… especially the volume control inside this thing. I can make the sound so that it goes straight to the back-leaving a mostly quiet front for me! I play audio books like Adventures in Odyssey for the kids and they stay quiet and happy the entire time we are driving. Their stories are interesting and can really hold their attention.
  9. Taking time for myself. Taking time for myself and filling my cup has helped me become a better mother. From bullet journaling to giving myself a facial- taking care of myself has helped me cure the baby blues and stay in a positive mindset.
  10. When my rough, rowdy, and ready to fight boys show each other compassion. This one really warms my heart. Every single day, like a broken record, I find myself asking my boys to be kind, to be understanding, to be merciful-the list goes on. When I see them actually showing compassion-especially to each other- it really makes me feel like maybe my efforts aren’t just a waste of breath. Maybe something is sticking and maybe, just maybe, these boys will grow up and make us proud.

There you have it! The 10 ways I’m #RockingMotherhood. It was really nice to get to sit back and reflect on the ways I’m Rocking Motherhood. It was actually a lot harder than I thought. My post ended up deleting parts of itself, making redo almost all of my post. Though annoying, this actually wasn’t as bad as it sounds- I like my new answers a lot better than my old ones. I am officially inviting the moms/bloggers below to write about how they are #RockingMotherhood.

Allie at The Purposeful Housewife


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