“Someone Colored Me”

So it was on this fine fine Tuesday that I woke up to this young man standing front and center in his *almost* birthday suit.

I was so angry that I just started laughing. He stood there, confused and unsure, of what was to happen next.

I took him to the shower and washed the marker off. It is washable but not as washable as a mother would like. We got most of it off. It’s days like today that make me…😂🔫…

Honestly this week has been hell on wheels for me. My husband has been working two jobs like a champ, and that leaves me to handle three little mischievous (and very testing) boys all by myself. Really, my eight year old is a godsend but my four and five year old boys are my disastrous duo. If one or two of my children are being good, the third will make it his life’s mission to wreak havoc.

I’m almost at a loss for words and it’s only Tuesday… So on days like today, I do what makes me better. What brings me back to reality.

This is what I do..

I do yoga at the park. I go running. People stare.. People see me.. But honestly, they don’t know my life. They don’t know how much I needed that very moment of peace.

I say, join me!! I feel so grounded and so much better after my time to reflect by the creek.. My time to stretch and work out at my own pace… My time to watch the clouds.

My time is the time I have from when I drop my kids off at preschool until the time I pick them up.. Approximately 2.5 hours. It may not seem like much but it is my time for sanity. I is my time to recharge- to fill my cup. Normally I would just go home and catch up on my favorite sitcoms from last night- but not on days like today.


How do you flip your day upside down? How do you restart? How do you recover from your 😂🔫 moments?



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