February BuJoing

I’ve been meaning to post about bullet journaling in my blog but have just had such a crazy January and beginning of February. Between the boys and Jackson’s hospital stays- I’ve been up to my elbows in… messes. Now that I’ve got the house mostly under control, I’d like to share my newest addiction: BULLET JOURNALING, a.k.a., my BuJo.

Bullet journaling, for me, is a release. It’s art therapy. Some people use their bujo as a planner. While this is great, it just doesn’t work for our family. My husband and I share a calendar on our iPhones which syncs us up perfectly. It reflects any changes instantly and keeps the both of us up to date on each other’s busy schedules. So what’s the point of a bujo? It’s a journal for me. It’s where I meal plan and track things.

Here are a few of my fun pages in my bujo,

This is my Tree of Gratitude. Every day I color a leaf and reflect. It’s simple but so satisfying.


On the left is a Informing vs. Tattling chart. This chart has helped save me some sanity in my house… and when the chart fails- we have the Wine page for reinforcements. 😂


Boy did this T.V. Show chart fill up fast! I didn’t realize how much T.V. I watched until I wrote it all down 🙈. We might be moving soon and writing down the days and times of my favorite shows means that I don’t miss anything… even if I could clearly use missing a few of these 🙈.


There’s something satisfying about Tetris… so I’ve made a Tetris chore chart! Floors are my nemesis so I’ve made a Chore chart to help conquer them. This would be a great idea for kids!

I also have a monthly habit tracker… 

I’ve removed a couple of the more personal items on my tracker along with making my highlighter markings a little more visible. It’s always nice to see how the month is going and where I stand.

My favorite part about my bujo is that every week when I make my weekly spread, I can change things around. I don’t think I’ve ever had a duplicate spread. My needs just change so much. When my blogging journey started, I realized that I needed a space for my blog planning. After doing without a meal planning space for a week, I realized that I need my meal plan! I also wanted to just have my plans for the week laid out. I feel like I will appreciate the journal part a lot in the years that follow. It’ll be nice to look back and remember our lives. I’ve been making memory pages every month and they’ve turned out pretty cute.


My January Memories page filled up pretty quickly. I started with writing down each memory and the date in pencil, then I penciled in pictures over the writing. Lastly I traced over the drawings in pen, colored them, and erased the pencil markings. It’s going to be nice to look back to these in the future.





February’s Memories page is already started with a couple memories penciled in.

I’ve been asked what I use in my bullet journal and thought I would share:

(These links are here to give you an idea about what I use-while I can vouch for these products, you can technically use just about anything to bullet journal) 

 I’m always looking for things to add into my bujo or new things to try. If you’ve found something fun and new, please share! I’ll be sharing spreads and ideas in future posts. I hope you enjoy them and get some much needed bujo inspiration!



  • Jessica February 19, 2017 at 8:47 pm

    This is really interesting. I loved looking at your pictures and different layouts! What a neat idea.

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    Yes! Finally someone writes about pensil.


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