To ClickList or Not to ClickList

What is it?

ClickList is a service offered at many Kroger (Frys, King Soopers, etc) stores in which the ClickList employees will grocery shop for you. All you have to do is show up! That’s it! You submit your list online and next day all you need to do is come and pick up your order-some locations even offer same day pick ups! Their service even allows you to pay on the spot! You don’t have to worry about entering your information into the computer and dealing with payments before receiving your products. It’s a super simple and very convenient service.

When Jackson had RSV, ClickList was extra convenient because we didn’t have to drag him all over the store to get that week’s groceries. A major ice storm had also hit that week. It was really nice not to have to worry about parking on ice and lugging groceries through the harsh weather.

How does it work?

The Kroger website says ClickList works with three easy steps:

1 . Shop

First, you shop online! You get your pick from everything in the store-including product and meats (but excluding the deli). New items are constantly being added and you can specify notes on each item. There are options to instruct the ClickList employee to pick out, such as, 4 ripe avocados. Another option will allow the ClickList employee to pick another similar item or greater or equal value to replace your item with (saying it wasn’t in stock). What this means is that if you selected Digorno stuffed-crust pepperoni pizza, the Click List employee may instead choose the Digorno regular pepperoni pizza. If you don’t have this item selected then the employee will skip the out of stock item completely and continue shopping.

2. Reserve

Once you have completed your shopping trip, it’s time to reserve your pick-up time. It’s a good idea to talk to your ClickList representative to ask about which days and times are usually the slowest because once this service becomes popular in your area, pick-up slots can fill up quickly. We used to pick-up on a Sunday around noon but in our area that time is extremely popular and very busy. Now I place my order on a Sunday evening and reserve my time for Monday morning.

3. Pickup

The last step is to pick up your order! Drive to your selected store location and pick up your order. Once in the ClickList area-there should be signs directing you to it upon entering the parking lot. You just need to pull into the parking bay and call the phone number displayed front of you.

Then you will tell the attendant which number is on your parking spot (ours goes from one to four). An attendant will come out with all of your groceries and meet you at your car window- rain or shine, the attendant still comes out! Then the attendant will go over your order with you. If anything is missing or had to be exchanged for another product or brand, the attendant lets you know at this time. This is also when you can let the attendant know that what they replaced your item with isn’t okay and the attendant will happily remove that item from your order.

Remember: No Cash Orders

Attendants only accept credit or debit so remember:  no cash orders. Once your order is paid for, the attendant will load your groceries in the back of your vehicle and you are good to go!

Okay, Okay, but How Does it Work for Me?

In laymen’s terms, ClickList works for me because I’m lazy, I’m busy, and I’m tired. I always have at least one or four children with me. Anyone who has shopped with their kids can usually relate to the “I want! I want! I want!” struggles of shopping with children. Using ClickList has helped end so many headaches and so much overspending.

ClickList works because the store’s inventory is uploaded onto their website and then you, the buyer, are able to view sales and items you’d like to buy. It even remembers your recently purchased items if you’d like to buy them again. It really is the most convenient thing ever.

One of my favorite parts about ClickList was mentioned above but I feel like I should reiterate. When selecting produce, you can mark, for example, whether you’d like hard or soft avocado or green bananas versus yellow. When buying bananas and avocados, I like to ask for half of them to be ripe and the other not ripe. This way they can last the week. Sometimes I’m not sure whether or not something is ripe- I’m really not the best at picking out fruits and vegetables. ClickList saves me a major headache when in the produce aisle (which is where we get most of our groceries so you can see my problem). All I need to do is to write what I’m looking for and they will find it. Aside from not leaving the car-this really is my favorite part about ClickList.

How Can Something So Convenient Save Me Money??

You’re probably thinking ClickList is too good to be true right about now. The service itself costs $4.95 but is free the first two times you use it. So now your new question is probably something along the lines of, but how can I save money if this service costs money? Two words: Impulse Buying.

What is impulse buying and why is it bad for your wallet?

By definition, impulse buying is,

The buying of goods without planning to do so in advance, as a result of a sudden whim or impulse.

Psychology Today says there are many reasons to explain why we impulse buy and what really makes us impulse buy but in the end the decision is up to us. Stores know that most of us love to shop. They know our money tends to burn a hole in our wallets. They also know that we are generally more willing to go broke if we think we are saving money doing it. Stores like Khols will hike up their prices and then mark down items to ridiculous sale amounts. These stores like to play on our emotions. They know that if a deal is too good to pass up and for a limited time only, buyers will buy it to avoid feeling bad about missing out on the savings later.

So now that we know what impulse buying is and how stores take advantage of us- I’m going to show you how to beat their system.

Our grocery bills were $300 per week for a family of 5. We are now a family of 6 and spend around $100 per week. How did we manage to add a person to our family but save around $200 per week?

The answer is CLICKLIST.

ClickList isn’t offered everywhere but is greatly expanding all over Colorado and the rest of the United States. There is a small fee of $4.95 to use their services.  That fee is waived for the first two times you use this service. We found that the fee is worth it when compared with traditional grocery shopping.


ClickList helped us cut our grocery bill down by two-thirds because we have stopped impulse buying. We use digital coupons (paper coupons are also accepted when you pay) and are able to buy things when they are on sale. The website is easy enough to navigate that I am able to take my entire list and finish shopping within a half hour (versus two hours at the grocery story).

With ClickList I tend to stick to my actual grocery list.

If I’m not sure how much milk we have left, I just get up and check our fridge… or holler at one of the kids. Okay, okay, I usually just holler at a child to tell me but still! We don’t over spend! We buy what we will actually use. Another added bonus (a small bonus) are the ClickList grocery bags. They feel three times as thick as regular plastic grocery bags and therefore last longer and work better. This probably was not what you were expecting to read but I promise you this will also somehow save you money. Any time I can recycle, I do!  So by buying less, spending less, sticking to the list, taking advantage of more coupons, and saving time, our family has managed to master meal planning and save tons of money. We actually have a.. dare I say it… savings now!

Still Skeptical?

I was a little weary of trying ClickList because of how I feel about change but I was converted on my first try! I no longer need to stress about the weather or even about forgetting my list at home. Stressing about what is and isn’t ripe in the produce aisle is another thing I do not miss. We are actually saving money by not over spending or buying into advertisement gimmicks. We never forget anything and save so much time.

I meal plan every Sunday and make a list of things I need from our meal plan. I also grab our running grocery list off of the fridge and add anything else to our ClickList list-yes, this means no more forgetting that little list on the fridge or counter at home. The most we’ve ever spent for a family of six is $120 for a week’s worth of groceries. I highly recommend at least trying your local ClickList services and seeing if they work for your family. After all, the first two times are free!

Do you use a grocery service? How well does it work for you? 



  • Shea February 20, 2017 at 4:03 pm

    This is awesome! Really convenient for families. I really wish Safeway offered this service since we are a die hard Safeway family.

    • The Kitchen Sinkk February 20, 2017 at 4:28 pm

      We are also all about Safeway. ClickList is the only reason we shop at King Soopers now. If Safeway offered this service, I think they would gain so much more business. So many stores are starting to use similar services. I wonder if one is in the works for Safeway?

      • Mateen March 10, 2017 at 11:19 pm

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