March Bullet Journal

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March Bullet Journal Spreads

For my March Bullet Journal spreads I decided to try something new and take a different approach. My new approach is much more minimalistic-or as minimalistic as I can get at this point. I’d love to see links to other blogs or Instagram accounts to see what everyone else is doing for the month of March!


Plan With Me Challenge

This is my first month hosting a Plan With Me Challenge. If you notice, St. Patrick’s Day does not fall on St. Patrick’s Day and there are only 30 days in my challenge. Oops! I guess I’ve got the mistake part down!     I’ll be adding #31 in my post though so worry not! 

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I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Month of March


Hello, March

My cover page is pretty simple. I plan to jot down a few goals for the month and call it a day! The quote on this page rings true here in Northern Colorado. It’ll be 70 degrees one day and in the teens the next… which is partly why my March bujo has a lot of yellow. Someone had to brighten things up when Mother Nature darkens them.

Monthly Spread

My March monthly spread may seem very bare but I promise you this was on purpose. If you were to take a peek at my previous spreads they are chalked full of cats, designs, and information. They may start out on the cute side but always end up very messy. I’m thinking this is a good thing because it means I’m using my bullet journal but I’d like to see what it would be like to have a cleaner month. I may add things like, ‘ looking ahead’, ‘to do’, and ‘notes’ into the blank areas of my monthly spread if the minimalism becomes too much. I debated using the line method for my calendar but decided that I needed something a little more visual at this point. This really is one of my favorite parts of bullet journaling- flexibility!

Tracker Tracker

This time around I went with an extremely minimalist tracker. It was a real challenge not to stick a cat into my tracker somewhere. It still feels really naked to me but I’m hoping the lack of distractions will bleed into my month and help me stay on track. I’ve also decided to start tracking blog related things. It’ll be nice to be able to see where I stand and watch my progress. There’s something about being able to color in a box that motivates me.

March Memories

I decided to do something a little different with my March Memories Spread and instead of only pictures, there are words to respond to with where I am in the month of March. I plan on penciling some memories to draw out but the primary focus will be the words on the left.

Meal Planning

If you look back at February’s Bullet Journal spread you’ll see that my meal planning and grocery listing was done a little differently. Again, I’m mixing things up for the month of March. I’ve decided to lay everything out in an almost monthly spread. This spread will hold 20 days worth of meals. I also don’t have a grocery list inside of my journal this time around. I’m working on getting out of my comfort zone so we shall see how this goes. I’ll be posting about meal planning in the near future and wanted to give a few other formats a try. An added bonus to this new format is that I can make a copy of this sheet and hang it on the fridge. This should put an end to those pesky “what’s for-insert next meal after the one they just ate-?!?!” questions.

 Weekly Spread

This weekly Spread is probably as minimalist as I’ll ever get… and it took me longer to finish than my usual bells and whistles spreads. I used my trusty Tombow markers (March Coupon for 25% off! – CODE: SHOP25) to paint the flower and its leaves. It was a little time consuming but it sure is pretty to look at! I may add things to this page or change things (as much as you can when writing in ink) to better work for me if this lay out doesn’t work out. This is also the only weekly spread I have set up for the month of March. I’ll be setting up the next weeks’ spreads according to how well I liked the previous week and what worked and didn’t work well for me. It’s a real learning process.

How does your March spread look? Will you be using any of these ideas? 


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