So, why is a blog about motherhood called The Kitchen Sink…?
Well it stems from the idiom, ‘everything but the kitchen sink’. As you’ll soon learn-if you haven’t already- my blog can be kind of all over the place. I’ll start by introducing myself,
I am Monica Resendez. I lay my head in a small town in Northern Colorado. I am a mother of three (now four) rough and tough little boys. Aside from my little babe, I have three tiny humans, two of which are just six months apart and the oldest being three and a half and four years older. If you have ever wondered what it’s like to feel like you have twins without actually having had them; I can tell you! This isn’t a blog for the sensitive. This blog goes all over the spectrum!! That’s why I call it the kitchen sink! It has a good mix of everything tossed in! Just like a day in my life, one minute everything will be very calm and collective and the next there is complete chaos. But that’s just it, no one is perfect and with that theory, life can’t be either! 
I always say life is a learning experience. We stand tall just to fall short. The latter especially.. I am an amazon…standing tall at a whopping 5’9″! So I definitely see my clumsy self standing tall and falling short on a daily basis 😂. I always feel like there are two things we never run out of in my house; chaos and laundry. I should have said love- but love is a part of my eternal chaos, in fact, it fuels it! And if I could have just one thing at this very moment, it would be a urinal in my bathroom! When living with four boys, well, five if you include my husband, not having a urinal should be illegal! But I digress, join me on my journey through my struggles, motherhood, messy shoes, makeup, books, any anything else I feel like throwing in! 
-M. R.