Cloth Diapers

People have all kinds of reasons to cloth diaper-

  • the environment
  • chemicals
  • convenience
  • potty training
  • rashes
  • cute prints

My reason is strictly to save money. I’m not going to lie, all of the rest of those reasons are perks but my main reason is to save money. What this means is that I view cloth diapers as simply poop catchers. You won’t see me going out and spending $35 on a single diaper for this reason. I have a favorite brand, Fuzzibunz, and while I do love Thirsties and Applecheeks, Fuzzibunz have always been my (and my husband’s) favorite. They have the best fit for us and I love their adjustable options.

There are many different cost analysis and comparison memes out there but truth be told- I actually spent much less on our cloth than shown in memes like these.


We actually ended up buying our Fuzzibunz from when they sold their Fuzzibunz Cloth Bundle (pictured in the header). This bundle included

  • 7 Pocket Covers
  • 7 Hemp Inserts
  • 2 Organic Hemp Inserts
  • Travel Sized Wet Bag

All of this was $82 after taxes with free shipping ($79.99 original price).

We bought a total of four of these sets and to be honest we could have easily just bought three.

I ended up having kind of a depressing first world cloth momma problem- we have an abundance of cloth diapers-meaning I cannot justify splurging on the occasional pretty.


​​We spent a total of $328 on cloth diapers and purchased one with every paycheck while I was pregnant. This way the cost burden wasn’t so great. I also purchased a trash can with a lid from my local grocery store and a couple of Thirsties large wet bags (the travel sized wet bags will not be enough for home-they are, however, amazingly handy to have in the car and baby bag). These have worked great for us!

I’ve debated buying cloth wipes for a while now and will get into all of that along with washing routines in a future post!


Here is my little fluff butt at just four weeks old. This is around when we started using our cloth. Fuzzibunz start at 10 pounds and our little guy was born at 9.3 pounds (wowza!) so I cannot really comment on newborn cloth.


​Why do you cloth diaper? Do you have a favorite brand?